Weekend update 4

Once again, rolling stock workshop stuff.

Well, two more weeks of being locked up in here, bad news to everyone except modellers. Ok, mostly artitec projects, but also some belgian things in between!

First quite some very necessary but not necessarily fun work, like attaching lights to the ceiling of the workshop protruding in the direction of the viewer, to eliminate some annoying shadows at the very front bit. Sounds easy enough, until you have to crack open the roof construction that had been glued shut a month of two ago to install the wiring and then repair all the damage… oh well.

Then on to mass producing furniture and other equipment and detail bits for the old part of the workshop. Some kitbashed artitec leftover castings, lots of scratch built closets and contents cobbled together using styrene strip, some Busch workshop detail bits and pieces and a hydraulic press scratchbuilt using some pictures of the real thing in ougree. And indeed, while making those red and grey plastic fastener-boxes I was asking myself what the hell I was actually doing, but I think it paid off. Next will be sticking decals and paper notes everywhere like on the real thing.

Some in between-project I had been working on lately was 3D-drawing a cummins NTA855 engine, the type used in the little cockerill engines and 2 in the GE 110 ton centre cab switchers, a 3D print has been unceremoniously dumped in a scrap car for lack of better use at the moment, accompanying a pile of rolling mill offcuts (actually painted sheet metal scrap from the workbench)

So… enough warbling, pictures!

so, that’s it for this update, stay safe and see you next time!



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