weekend update 6

Well, it’s not a weekend, but here’s an update anyway, and since I once called them weekend updates, why not stick to the tradition. Also, I get to drink a bit while writing this, so yeah. Some heavy belgian craft beers this time. not complaining.

So, on to the more interesting stuff: progress on the layout! Last time I reported having all pipes painted, so now time for finishing touches. There’s an awful lot of those, as I had basically done all buildings to about halfway in terms of weathering and specific detail, leaving some room for a final round of detail and weathering making sure it all matches nicely when it all comes together.

Also, it’s now time for some green stuff. A moment I had been dreading a bit since it’s a long time ago I did that sort of thing… luckily the products of martin welberg make it all quite a bit easier, basically just rip and glue. I especially like his layered tufts.
You can find it all here: http://www.martinwelberg.nl/

Ok, so, on to the pictures!

First going over this row of houses again, highlighting individual bricks with several washes to liven up the brickwork a little, add additional rust and grime, especially the locally very common black dust at spots where the rain will never wash it away, and further cheerful details like bin bags, a ropey moped, some old planks etc.

So, time for more of this sort of thing on the layout itself, like livening up the factory gate a bit with a bunch of signs, adding some extra grime and union posters to the concrete walls etc…

Meanwhile I had been looking at some pictures I took a few years ago and I figured the roofs still looked too bright. Had a go at the next row of houses and I think I’m getting there. Surely makes things look less appealing, which is a good thing in this case. Oh and yes that buffer stop still needs a bit of attention. It’s all still on the civilised side compared to actual belgian prototype, so who knows what else I might try.

So, that’s it for today,



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