weekend update 8: no pigeons were harmed…

Well, it’s been a while, but now we got rid of the old fridge, time for another odds and ends-post! In the meantime there have been many hours of just being around the layout, not doing all that much but nonetheless continuously adding detail bits, tufts of grass and as of this weekend, pigeons!

most green stuff on the layout is of martin welberg origin (http://www.martinwelberg.nl/), but a while ago I had made some buddleia bushes as they are everywhere in that area. Now the first ones officially rooted in ougree.
finally got around to put some interior stuff in this empty doorway…
with a light because why not…
Since I had part of the back boards removed, why not take a picture from the back of the layout? A view you’d ordinarily never get! (and in this case, I sort of regret that)
another view from the other side
to prevent me wrecking the things all the time while working on the layut, I had been withstanding the temptation of putting tv and radio aerials on the houses for a long time. Now I finally added them, and have wrecked a few already since. I am not very good at life.

So, that’s been some of the usual… now on to the bit you’ve all been waiting for!


The pigeons were made using some photo-etched parts I drew up a while ago, theoretically the pigeons would look just about like this

a bit low-res admittedly, but some paint would round out the shapes a bit and well, let’s face it, they are tiny. (about 3.5-4 mm)

pigeon assembly line
first layer of paint
more paint

Seems like they feel quite at home…

ready to give every passing urbexer a heart attack
that plastic bag smells extremely tempting apparently

so, that’s it for now! hope you all like pigeons.


2 thoughts on “weekend update 8: no pigeons were harmed…

  1. Guten Morgen
    Wieder ein toller Bericht über deine Anlage. Alles mit viel Liebe zum Detail gebaut. Auch die farbliche Gestaltung der Gebäude und Industrie sehr realistisch. Es gibt nicht viele Modellbauer die eine so große Breite an Talenten in sich vereinen!

    Aber eine Frage, wo bekomme ich die Ätzbleche für Tauben? Bei dir, bei Artitec? Sehr gut geworden…

    Wünsche dir noch viele tolle Ideen




  2. Floris, I really dislike real pigeons, but yours are superb. As well as everything else on the layout. A true work of art. Utterly lifelike. Haven’t seen a more lifelike layout yet. Hats off. Was nice talking to you at OnTraxs and great to see the layout in the flesh.

    Michel van den Hof


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