Weekend update 3

More rolling stock workshop stuff

Yes, there has been more than 1 weekend since the last update. Well, one weekend renders more interesting results than the other, so in this case I decided that it would be better to wait a bit and show some more afterwards.

Sooo… well, as is to be expected, work on the rolling stock workshop continued. After all big chunks had been painted in their main colours there was still a load of detail work to do, also the main roof hadn’t been painted yet as it was still missing some detail bits. Well, this has all been taken care of last weekend…

The next step would be adding load of detail stuff. More pipework that would be impossible to assemble when the building was still in pieces and of course all the equipment kicking around in a workshop. Most detail stuff was at least inspired by urbex pictures taken in the workshop, as it is basically the only information I have. Undoubtedly quite a lot in there must have changed during the last 30 years, but it’s one of those cases of well, if I don’t know, the audience won’t either. At the moment the front part of the workshop is already being filled up a little, the main part will be next. Weathering is still on the to do list, as is putting up signs, notes etc just about everywhere. I’d say it’s slowly going somewhere though.

Well… with all that official update stuff out of the way, time for some bonus pictures.

As I’ve been working at home lately some samples of this years new artitec stuff basically stranded here because the whole pandemic thing will delay production, so why not have a bit of fun with a little volvo loader. I have a feeling I might make myself an extra sample.

Next are some bonus pictures of some new additions to the fleet, being put to work immediately. Thanks to Evan Daes I was able to buy some more US style centre cab locomotives, so a lineup with the existing centre cabs was of course inevitable…

So, that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this update!


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